10 E-Commerce Events You Need to Check Out in 2018

One of the best ways to grow your business is to attend events to connect with peers, prospects, and spread brand awareness. Not only are they a lot fun, they present a number of opportunities for you and your e-commerce business:

  • Connect with fellow professionals: Conferences and network events bring all the influencers into one place. There’s no better opportunity to meet and connect with potential business advisors and partners.
  • Fresh ideas: Well-organized events can be fantastic platforms for new ideas and perspectives.
  • Renewed energy: Occasionally, running your own business can be a test. Conferences and other events can provide you with the boost you need to take on the challenge. You’ll be inspired to go the extra mile. Learn from others’ mistakes and successes.
  • New tools: There are copious amounts of resources and tools you’ll find to address pain points for your business (that you may otherwise not know about).

In today’s digital world of blogs, podcasts, and live-stream videos, conferences remain invaluable for business owners. However, it’s important to pick the right ones and to plan your event schedule in advance to get the most out of it.

Here, I put together a list of conferences geared towards the Magento community that I would recommend you checking out.

Read on for all the most exciting opportunities to network with other people blazing trails within the Magento space. Our team will also be attending these events, so I hope that we can meet up as well.

1. Imagine, April 23-25 (Las Vegas)

This is the one event everyone in the Magento community should attend. It’s the number one official conference organized by Magento.

The event has one mission: “to connect the global e-commerce community.” Founded in 2011, Imagine now attracts over 3,000 e-commerce experts from more than 50 countries around the world.

Taking place over three days in April, Imagine focuses on networking and learning in equal measure. The full spectrum of the Magento community will be in attendance. This includes: merchants, agencies, and technology providers.

Speakers have already been confirmed, with their own CEO Mark Lavelle set to headline. The full list of speakers is impressive, including some of the leading lights within the e-commerce world.

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As a sign of Imagine’s reach beyond the Magento community, the conference invites one special guest speaker each year. Past participants include global megastars such as Serena Williams. This year, they’ll be hosting Emmy-nominated TV host and futurist, Jason Silva.

2. Mage Titans (North America and Europe)

Mage Titans is a series of events created by developers, for developers, within the Magento community. Events take place six times a year across the Americas and Europe. MageMail and team will certainly be attending the Austin edition on September 14th. Other key locations include Groningen, Netherlands (October 6th) and Manchester, UK (November 10th).

There’s also the added bonus that this is a non-profit conference. Any profit made goes to charitable causes, under-lining the fact this is run by a group of developers, who are passionate about what they do.

3. LTV Conference, May 10-11 (London)

This is a conference MageMail and GrooveJar are proud to sponsor. LTV Conf is Europe’s largest Software as a Service (SaaS) conference.

It’s perfect for SaaS founders who are looking to scale up their business. LTV Conference speakers include:

  • Aaron Krall: Founder of the SaaS Growth Hacks Facebook Community, who has helped dozens of SaaS companies scale and grow.
  • Thomas Smale: Founder of FE International and leading advisor and investor specializing in the sale of SaaS businesses.
  • Wilco De Kreij: A serial founder of SaaS businesses and a self-proclaimed “marketing nerd.”

This is the must-attend conference gathering industry leaders in an intimate setting. There’s no doubt about it, if you’re an ambitious founder, you need to attend this one.

Some Topics they’ll be covering and discussing are about:

  • Growing and scaling
  • Retention strategies
  • How to reach your highest value customers globally
  • How to keep innovating
  • Bootstrapping vs. getting funding
  • Personalized marketing in 2018
  • When (and how) to exit

4. Meet Magento (Worldwide)

Magento Meets Association (MMA) is an official partner of Magento, Inc. MMA hosts conferences that aim to meet the ideas and needs of the people within the whole ecosystem of e-commerce.

Called Magento Meets, the conferences are community-based and run from Leipzig, Germany. They have a global team, with six Vice-Presidents located around the world.

Meet Magento currently hosts 40 international events, on average, with plans to expand its reach even further.

Attending this event you’ll be able to learn more about the latest trends, extend your Magento know-how, and enable your business to expand globally.

5. eTail East, August 6-9 (Boston)

Born during the early days of e-commerce in 1999, eTail offers a platform for America’s top retailers to meet and learn. The stated aim of this conference is to “help optimize profit from your business” by providing “strategic takeaways.”

Speakers come from some of world’s leading brands including Subway and Keurig. Taking place over three days, the agenda is full of focused speeches with actionable strategies. It lives up to the event’s mantra of “no commercials, no egos, no fluff.”

Whether you are a startup or an established e-commerce business, you will benefit from attending this conference.

eTail organizes other conferences around the world, including London, Singapore, and Copenhagen. Visit the organizer’s website to find out if there’s one happening near you.

And, if you do decide to attend this conference in Boston, let us know, we’d love to meet you!

6. Magento Live (Worldwide)

Magento Live is a supplementary series of events to the main Magento Imagine conference. The idea is to reach out to the global community who may not have been able to travel to Las Vegas for Imagine. The agenda is similar in structure to Imagine and typically takes place over one or two days. Here are the dates of the upcoming Magento Live conferences:

If you are in any of these locations, you should make an effort to attend. These are official Magento Inc. events, and it’s a great opportunity to maximize the potential of your e-commerce store.

7. Sellers Conference, May 3-5 (Fort Lauderdale)

The key selling point for this event is its small size. The host, Steve Chou, has taken a hands on approach to the agenda. The aim is for attendees to test strategies themselves during the conference and take away action-points that actually work.

As the site says: “It’s more like an intense 2 day workshop.”

The other appealing factor is the venue is right on the beach, during the early Florida summer. As with any great conference, there’s almost an equal emphasis on networking/get-togethers after long workshop days – perfect opportunities to make long-term friendships with fellow e-commerce owners and marketers.

8. E-commerce Summit, April 20 (Brussels)

This is a conference with both eyes firmly on the future of e-commerce. With the number of attendees limited to just 350, and 24 industry experts on hand, it’s an intimate event.

The E-commerce Summit 2018 will cover voice shopping, product subscriptions, and personalization. All important areas for online retailers. There are also three separate networking events for you to connect with influencers and other key individuals.

9. Mage Unconference, September 21-23 (Utrecht, Netherlands)

If there were ever a conference that could sum up the spirit of the Magento community, this would be it. Mage Unconference is known for their relaxed approach to organizing speakers and events. Get this: There aren’t any!

Instead, the organizers simply book four rooms and four time slots which allows for 16 talks to take place each day. The attendees propose their own talks and put them forward to a ballot. After some discussion with the group, those with the most votes get carried through into one of the time slots.

This democratic setup is all about sharing knowledge and socializing. Even though it’s in the Netherlands, the main language of the event is English. So, if you want to learn new ideas, how to deliver speeches, or just to see it in action – you will be in a comfortable environment.

10. E-commerce Expo, September 26-27 (London)

The value of E-commerce Expo is its sheer number of attendees. Over 9,500 industry professionals are due to attend. According to the organizers, 91% of visitors from 2017 are expected to return, which gives you an idea of its popularity.

Speakers include leaders from some of Europe’s leading brands, including Eurostar, JustEat, and GSK. There are also exhibitors who will be offering new services and products for your store.

If you are looking for a conference to give you ideas, products, and potential partners under one roof – this is the one for you.


In 2018, we are all spoiled for choice in terms of conferences. This list is just a selection of the top highlights, and there are plenty more out there.

If your attendance and event schedule is planned well, attending a few conferences a year can benefit your business. Even if it’s simply to gain a new perspective on a problem you’ve been trying to solve, then it’s worth the expense and a trip. Events will often bring new ideas to your business and it helps learning from industry leaders and e-commerce business owners who are just like you.

I hope that this list will help you identify the conferences that are right for you and your business and which ones you can’t afford to miss. And I hope to meet you at one of them soon.

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