How an Online Print Company, Gogoprint Used MageMail to Drive 500% Revenue Increase

Who and What is Gogoprint?

Gogoprint is a multinational e-commerce business located in Southeast Asia specializing in online printing to support small-to-medium sized businesses grow their marketing efforts. Gogoprint’s streamlined website and processes have earned them a loyal following alongside with their high-quality press printing.

Gogoprint_logoThey’ve even been featured on sites like TechCrunch and Inc. Southeast Asia. And with their expansion to countries within the ASEAN market – we’re pleased to have been a partner to support their email marketing strategies. In order to learn more, we reached out to Adrien Ulens, Head of Marketing for Gogoprint, to find out more information on why they chose MageMail and how they use the service to drive results.

Why MageMail?

When Gogoprint first started in 2015 just like any other small business – they had just a couple of employees and a low customer base. Early on, their team knew that they needed a tool to assist with developing customer relationships for their Magento store in order to scale-up the business. After trialing and searching, they chose MageMail (yay!)  for these top 3 reasons:

  • Triggered emails based on both front-end user behavior and back-end actions (like shipment)
  • Ease of setting up new triggers since MageMail does not have a limited set of standard triggers
  • Cost-effective pricing model (3% of Generated Sales)


“Thanks to MageMail’s commission-based model, it turned out to be more cost-effective to run in Gogoprint’s early months and therefore contributed in a more sustainable way to our growth.”

– Adrien Ulens, Gogoprint


It’s All In The Triggers

Gogoprint has been using MageMail’s triggered email capabilities for about a year and half now. And their results are staggering.

They ran a total of three email chains. To ensure the triggered emails were effective, Gogoprint defined their audiences to create these chains: first-time buyers, returning customers who abandon their carts, and those who created an account but did not buy. Did you know almost 70 percent of shoppers abandon their carts?

Adrien says that their abandoned cart email has reached over 10% click through rate (CTR) and gained an average of $30 in revenue for every sent email!

With MageMail, they also created a trigger to send a feedback request email to first-time customers and set up other emails in line to get them to come back in the future. This created a great first impression and nurtures customer loyalty. It’s no wonder their revenue had increased over 500% and their customer base skyrocketed by 400% in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia!

Here’s a sample of their abandoned cart email:

Gogoprint Email

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“Blink of An Eye” Integration and Setup

Adrien also praised our support team and onboarding process stating, “The integration [with Magento] is done in a blink of an eye and setting up triggered emails is very simple and intuitive.” He also enjoys how MageMail is capable of email and product exclusions based off SKUs – making it even easier to configure each triggered email.

Gogoprint operates a need-based business; it is crucial for them to stay on top of their customers’ minds. With MageMail’s personalization features and capabilities, they’re able to do just that. Adrien stated, “MageMail is able to strongly complement Gogoprint’s multi-channel marketing framework.”


Growth of a business just doesn’t come without the right tools and strategies. Gogoprint is living proof of how triggered email automation is vital if you’re running an online business. Today, Gogoprint operates in 4 different countries (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia) and relies on MageMail to do all of the efforts (in different languages, too).