A letter to Magento Merchants

An open letter to Magento merchants about email marketing

A letter to Magento Merchants

Dear Merchant,

Thanks for taking a moment to stop by. Let’s talk for a minute about email marketing.

You probably have a great newsletter that you send out to your customers and prospects on a monthly basis. Maybe even weekly if you’ve been able to dedicate resources to put out quality content on such a regular basis.

You’re also beginning to be aware of the myriad emerging best practices around personalized email marketing, such as abandoned cart reminders.

But you just don’t have the time and resources to figure it all out.

You may have peeked at some of the existing solutions out there, but they have $10k setup fees and thousands of dollars of recurring monthly fees, not to mention multiple month onboarding processes.

Sure, if they worked well they’d be worth the investment, but that’s too big a risk for you right now. You’ve tried marketing programs in the past that have promised the moon, only to be let down.

I work for a merchant not unlike yourself. We have an incredible content team, several amazing newsletters, and a product line that our customers absolutely love.

About a year ago I began to build software that has evolved into a powerful solution that drives multiple tens of thousands of dollars of revenue every month not only for us but for other merchants that have begun to use it.

This solution has no setup fees, takes minutes to get up and running, won’t require time from your content team, and comes with a risk-free pricing model.

MageMail is a triggered email solution designed specifically and only for Magento. It handles all of the automated emails that you’ve heard of and several that you haven’t.

Abandoned cart reminders, welcome series, review requests, product recommendations, wishlist reminders, new product alerts, purchase anniversaries, and more.

But it’s more than a collection of features and tools. We’ll manage things for you as well – from installation help (by a Magento Certified Developer) to drafting and skinning your emails, through reviewing results and recommending improvements on an ongoing basis.

While you can jump into the management dashboard and modify anything you’d like, you don’t have to. The majority of our customers just let us take care of it for them.

As one of our customers said, “You don’t need to do anything other than count the additional orders it creates.”

The pricing model is simple. My goal was to align the pricing of the product with the value that it’s generating. If MageMail doesn’t generate any sales for you in a given month, you pay $0. Period.

For each sale that MageMail generates, you’ll be charged 3% of the order total.

For example, let’s say MageMail generates $10k for you this month. After inventory costs, taxes, and shipping, you’re probably netting $3k to $4k on those orders, and paying MageMail $300.

So, MageMail is putting several thousand dollars in your pocket, and you or your team didn’t have to spend any time fussing with a complicated solution, or even writing content.

I hope that you’re as excited about the potential here as I am! If you have any thoughts or questions, I’d really love to hear from you. You can email me any time at kalen@magemail.co and we can setup a time to chat!

If you’re interested in getting started today, you can signup here or watch the video.

Kalen Jordan
Founder, MageMail

p.s. For the next few months, we’re also offering your first $250 of generated sales completely free.

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