Sweet Tooth Integration

Integrate loyalty points into your triggered email

Sweet Tooth Integration

Hot off the presses – the latest MageMail integration allows you to integrate your Sweet Tooth loyalty program with your triggered email campaigns.

Here’s an example of an email with the customer’s point balance highlighted:

In order to enable it, you simply pop into the *Integrations* tab in your MageMail account settings, and toggle the radio button to enable it.

Now, you’ll be able to add blocks of content in your emails that show the customer their loyalty point balance, if they have one.

You can even target *only* your customers that have a specific minimum point balance. This allows you to engage with your top customers.

In order to avoid double-dipping, you can also use conditional logic to only give coupons to customers that don’t already have a loyalty point balance. For those customers with a balance, prompt them to use it.

On the roadmap are additional features such as point balance emails and expiration reminders.

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