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What It Does

Abandoned Cart

Email customers who start to checkout but don't finish. Send multiple abandoned cart emails, and never send an email to a customer who purchased already.

Product Recommendation

Automated product recommendations to customers based on past purchases. Based on past customer behavior, no manual setup required.

Wishlist Reminder

Reach out to customers who created wishlists in the past but haven't acted on them yet - remind them about the products they love.

A/B Testing

Test and optimize subject lines, email content, discounts, sending frequency, and more. Virtually every aspect of each email trigger is testable.

Winback Campaign

When customers are about to become inactive, send a series of emails to entice them to come back and buy again with you.

Purchase Anniversary

Congratulate your customer on the date of their first purchase with you. Offer a discount for their loyalty, and see sales uptick.

Replenishment Reminder

If you sell replenishable products, send customers a reminder at the point where they need to restock.

Birthday Email

Send your customers a happy birthday email on their special day with a coupon to celebrate the occasion.

Review Request

Remind customers to review your products. Not only will you increase product reviews, this will also drive sales.

Real-Time Inventory

Product recommendations and wish list reminders never include products that are out of stock. Inventory is always up to date to the second.

One-click Login

Customers are automatically logged-in when clicking through on an email. This allows them to complete checkout faster and abandon purchases less frequently.

One-click Discounts

Reduce friction by not requiring customers to copy and paste a coupon code. Discounts are applied automatically when they click through on an email.

Performance Guarantee

If MageMail doesn't drive sales, you don't pay. Period. Never pay more than 3% of attributed sales.

Sending Window

Reach your customers at the right time. Specify a time for emails to go out, so they'll get them at the right time of day, and not in the middle of the night.

Key Performance Indicators

Keep track of the performance of your triggered email campaigns with a simple KPI dashboard, including open rate, revenue / email and other key metrics.

Responsive Email Templates

Beautifully responsive email templates, so that your customers will enjoy and act on your triggered emails on all their devices.


MageMail integrates with Mailchimp, Mandrill, Amazon SES, SMTP Pro Google Analytics, and many others.


Personalize emails easily with a photo and randomized signature signoffs, to give your emails more of a human touch.

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See all of your email triggers at a glance, together with click-through rates and generated sales totals.
See a real-time preview as you enter content, with our responsive, flexible, and elegant email template.
Access Key Performance Indicators to inform the timing and incentive strcture for your email campaigns.
Receive a simple report at the end of the month showing you the performance of your campaigns.

Relax, The Onboarding is Fully Managed

  • 1. A Magento Certified Developer will help you with installation if you need it.

  • 2. Your email campaigns will be drafted and skinned for your approval. Just review and note any minor tweaks.

  • 3. Best practices around content, timing, and incentive structure are included in your email campaigns.

  • 4. You just sit back and count the orders that come in. You'll receive recommendations on an ongoing basis.

Simple, Results-Driven Pricing

3% of Generated Sales
Up to a maximum of $500 / month
  • How does order attribution work?

    Sales are attributed if a customer clicks through up to 30 days prior to an order, opens the email up to 7 days prior, or if they use a MageMail coupon code.

  • What if no sales are generated?

    If MageMail doesn't generate any sales in a given month, then there's no fee. Zip, zilch, nada. There are no onboarding or setup fees whatsoever.

  • How does the risk-free trial work?

    You'll be billed on the first of the month if and when there are sales attributed to MageMail. If MageMail generated $2k, you would be charged $60.

  • Are there any other fees?

    Nope. If you're using a transactional email service, like Mandrill, for email delivery, they will have their own fees. Mandrill is free for up to 12k emails / month though.

  • Is this compatible with Mandrill?

    Yes. You can either setup MageMail to send through Magento's configured mail transport, or send directly through Mandrill by dropping your API key in.

  • How is this different from MailChimp?

    MailChimp is primarily a newsletter management tool with limited support for triggered emails. You can use MageMail alongside MailChimp.

  • How easy is the integration?

    Will take about 10 minutes of your time - 5 for module installation, and 5 for reviewing email drafts. You won't need design, dev, or marketing resources on your end to assist.

  • Is multi-store supported?

    Yes, MageMail supports multi-store. Each store will be associated to a separate MageMail account. In general you'll only be billed once per Magento instance.

magento certified developer
Kalen Jordan

About the Founder

Hey, I'm Kalen! I'm a huge fan of Magento and really enjoy connecting with community and contributing to the ecosystem.

I participate actively with the developer community on Twitter (@kalenjordan), contribute open source modules on GitHub, and started MageTalk: the first English-language Magento podcast

I live in Oxnard, California with my beautiful wife and daughter, and I love to work closely with all of my customers - so I look forward to hearing from you!