Recover more Revenue

MageMail comes with 22 beautiful email trigger and campaign templates out-of-the-box to get you up and running in minutes. No coding necessary with the drag-and-drop interface.

Make your customers feel Welcomed

Set the stage with a prompt email, which sends the signal that you will be attentive and responsive. Personalize your message and build relationships. Provide immediate value, and tailor your welcome email with ease. This makes a great first impression, builds your community, and provides valuable information.

Rediscover, Reconnect and Recover

MageMail’s triggered transactional emails encourage engagement, reactivate inactive users, and incentivize them to pick up where they left off. Plus, with real-time inventory visibility, your customers are never left with incomplete orders.

Thank You for being You!

Never be stagnant with your email outreach. MageMail’s “Stay in Touch” series gives you the ability to seamlessly communicate everything from New Products to Happy Birthday emails.

Personalize your message and build a relationship.

Understanding your buyer personas and what stage they’re in the buying cycle is just the beginning–and it’s not as daunting as you would think. At MageMail we help our customers start identifying these data points immediately.