Tips For Listing Your Products on Amazon/Ebay with M2E Pro

Guest post from Ali Ahmed with Imagination Media

Hiring: PHP Developer

Come work with us at MageMail!

Tips For A Successful eCommerce Launch

Guest post from Lewis Sellers with Pinpoint Designs

SEO Tips for your Magento Store

Guest post from Lukas Hietkamp with ReloadSEO

Migrating from Mandrill

What it Means for Customers

The Mandrill Debacle

In Search of a Mandrill Alternative

Google is Broken for Magento Community Content

And It's Time We Did Something About it

MageMail v2

New version of MageMail with newsletter blast support

New Order Confirmation Emails for Magento

Add some pizazz to your order confirmation emails with cross-sells, coupons and more!

July Newsletter


MageMail is Growing!

Growing the customer support team

Better Visitor Log for Magento

A client-side replacement for the Magento visitor log

The Ultimate Abandoned Cart Email for Magento

51 practical keys to an effective abandoned cart series for Magento

Trello Board

Now MageMail Customers Can Upvote Their Favorite Features

May Newsletter

Fighting at Imagine, Exit Modals, Product Grids, Quick Actions, Review Requests, and more!

Exit Intent Modal

Capture more shoppers before they abandon

The Ultimate Review Request Email for Magento

7-Point Breakdown of the New Review Request Email Trigger

How much email is too much?

How to know when you're spamming your customers

When's the best time to send email?

Auto-detection of busiest store hours helps you to decide on your sending window

New Widgetized Editor

New, easier content editor

March Newsletter

New Onboarding Flow, Sweet Tooth Integration, and Net Promoter Score

Why Pay Monthly for MageMail?

Why should we pay a recurring fee for MageMail instead of a one-time extension purchase?

Get Your MageSocks

Sign up to get some MageSocks sent your way

I Don't Have Time to Setup MageMail

Here's why you don't have time not to setup MageMail

Quick Registration Flow

Register and connect a MageMail account from within the connector

Sweet Tooth Integration

Integrate loyalty points into your triggered email

New Email Trigger: Net Promoter Score Survey

The one number you need to grow, according to the Harvard Business Review

December Newsletter

A/B testing, Analytics, and 88% of the way to profitability


A solo bootstrapper and his customer base: a love story

Managed Onboarding with MageMail

From installation to creating your email content and reporting

September Newsletter

News about MMNY, new features, and other updates

Meet Magento New York Secret Swag

The best Magento swag EVAR is coming to a Meet Magento near you

A letter to Magento Merchants

An open letter to Magento merchants about email marketing

Get Started in 1 minute flat!

Getting started is quick and painless - watch the video and follow along with the instructions

$250 of Generated Sales Is On Us!

Your first $250 of generated sales through MageMail is completely free

Smart Magento Image Caching for Email

How to use image caching that doesn't break when the media cache is cleared

Hour #1

My 1st Funded Hour of Work as a Product Company

How is MageMail Different from Mailchimp and Mandrill?

A comparison of MageMail to Mailchimp and Mandrill

What Are Rewrite Conflicts?

The basics on what rewrite conflicts are, what the impact may be, and how to deal with them

Free Custom Reports Module for Magento

A free, open source Magento module for creating custom reports

#MageHackDay 2014

Good times at the first ever global virtual Magento hackathon

The Art of the Rewrite

Are Magento class rewrites always a bad idea?

Don't Discount

Many discount strategies employed by merchants end up doing more harm than good

Guest Checkout Support Released

Finally wrapped up support for guest checkout within MageMail

What Is Triggered Email?

What exactly is triggered email is and what can it be used for?