Get Started in 1 minute flat!

Getting started is quick and painless – just follow along with the instructions

Get Started in 1 minute flat!

(1) Create your MageMail account

Start by creating your account or logging into your account, if you’ve created one already.

(2) Accept the terms & conditions

You’ll be prompted to accept terms & conditions

(2) Download the module

You’ll be prompted to download the connector module (zip) (magento connect package) and given a temporary password that you can use to connect from the Magento backend.

(3) Install the module

You can install the module by copying the files in directly with the ZIP file or by using the Magento Connect package through the Magento Connect Manager.

(4) Connect your account

Under Promotions > MageMail Connector > MageMail Settings login with your username and temporary password. (You can use your regular account password as well)

You’re done!

At this point, you’re all set. I’ll go in and draft an email template for you to review and skin it to your site with your logo and color scheme and what not.

(If you would like to do it yourself, you definitely can – but I usually like to save my customers some time by taking care of this for them)

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  • Jim S

    The read me file says:
    To install MageMail the old-fashioned way, see the video with instructions here:

    It takes me here, and there is no video.

    • Erik Bullen

      Hi Jim,

      I’m sorry for the confusion. The video was out of date and removed but we missed updating the readme file is.

      This post contains the current installation instructions. I will also follow up from our help desk with further information.

      Note that we will be launching a refreshed site and a major update to the product in July/August. We’d love to have you as a customer!

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